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My First Garden

My First Garden

Now that we have moved into a house that we own I can finally move on from my potted garden to a real, buried in the ground, fighting the weather and bugs, official garden.

About a month ago Brad and I built some raised beds for my garden to live.  The ground here in Glenside is very rocky and we have come to find out full of all kinds a strange things like pieces of beer bottles and parts of red bricks. (I wonder what kind of stories our house has about it’s past owners.)  With the less than wonderful soil we figured raised beds were the way to go.


My garden is currently home to a heirloom tomato plant, two plum tomato plants, two cherry tomato plants, a heirloom bell pepper plant, a red and a green bell pepper plant, a chili pepper plant, two zucchini squash plants, three cucumber plants and a bunch of pole beans. I also have two planters one with lettuce and another with a bunch of different herbs and a spot outside the beds for pumpkins and watermelons (requested by Brad and my brother).

It is just awesome to see everything growing and starting to blossom! Yesterday I had a huge flower blooming on my zucchini plant and there are lots of little flowers popping up on my pepper and tomato plants!  I have to laugh at myself when I catch myself getting all defensive finding a little hole in a leave that was munched on by some bug.  You would think someone came after a member of my family.

I am expecting some real plant drama once the veggies really start growing… haha.

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