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Lecter & Clarice’s Lifestyle Change

Lecter & Clarice’s Lifestyle Change

A recent visit to our new vet came with some disturbing news. In the last few years Lecter has gained almost 20lbs and Clarice an additional 10lbs. We knew that they had put on some extra weight and I had put them on a diet, but we had no idea that it was so drastic a weight gain. I guess it’s harder to tell when you are around one another all the time, but in retrospect I think that it’s true that they have not been as active in last year. They have this MASSIVE yard to play and run around in, but they tend to stay on the left side of the yard where the ground isn’t as hilly and they can sit and watch both for us and the whole area from one location.

In order to help with the weight issue the vet has put them both on a very strict diet, switched them to senior dog food and requested they get at least one 30 minute walk everyday. They have been very happy with their new food and walking schedule, but it’s not easy to tell them no when they are still hungry, whining at me and following me around the house. I know they aren’t going to get used to their new meal plan without sticking to it, but it is NOT easy! The vet suggested giving them baby carrots to help fill their bellies without adding too many extra calories, but giving them carrots has only led to me picking up dog slobber-covered, uneaten carrots that were left around the kitchen and living room. They want absolutely NOTHING to do with carrots!

During our vet visit both of the dogs also tested positive for Lyme Disease. While we have certainly seen A LOT of ticks in the brush around the perimeter of our back yard, this was still a big surprise. They have been on Frontline for years, I regularly check them for ticks and they have not been acting any differently. For the next month they are on a round of doxycycline (the same thing I was prescribed for my Lymes) and we have to bring them back to get tested again in a month.

With their 10th birthdays less than a month away it’s obvious Lecter and Clarice are going to require a little extra TLC as they become “senior dogs” to assure that they are healthy for years to come! I guess Brad and I weren’t the only ones who needed a lifestyle change!

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