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New Fence!

New Fence!

We recently had fencing installed at our new house so the woofies can run free in their massive back yard. The fence looks absolutely wonderful and we are really happy with how it came out.

The fence was installed by a local company called Everlasting Fence. Like many of the other places we have checked out in our new area, the entire reason we went with this company over a few others in the area was the EXTREMELY simple fact that they actually have a website. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have a website at this point in time. It is crazy!

Anyway, back to the fence- They did a really great job installing the fence, however I feel as though they could have done a better job explaining their whole process and informing us of what was going on. When we had someone come out and quote us for the fence he told us that they were currently scheduling installations for 2 to 3 weeks out. We said this was no problem and called the very next business day to pay the deposit and schedule the appointment. When we called (on a Monday) we were told that we could pay the deposit, but the person who quoted us would have to call back to schedule the appointment. Brad called 3 times that week and was told that we would get a call back that afternoon each time. We did not receive a call until the following Monday and the first appointment they had was for THREE WEEKS from that day. Overall we waited over a month to have our fence installed when we were originally told 2 to 3 weeks.

I feel like this was a very poor way to handle the situation. They shouldn’t have taken our deposit if they weren’t going to even schedule our appointment for another week and they could have told us it was going to take a week to get a call back instead of “this afternoon.” As I said earlier, we are very happy with the work they have done, but the customer service aspect could have been much better.

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