Two and the Zoo – 1 year later

Two and the Zoo – 1 year later

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my little blog. In 1 year, well to be honest, in the world of blogging I don’t think I’ve gotten very far.  I think I have narrowed down the focus of this blog slightly. I have not been as good as I hoped to be about updating it regularly, but hey, I’ve been busy! (Hasn’t everyone?)

In honor of 1 year I have given the blog a little face lift and moved off of a free theme to the Genesis theme framework!

I would like to say that I will be better about blogging and possibly find my place in the internet world, but with work being busier than ever, trying to plan a wedding and all the other distractions life has to offer, I think it is more realistic to hope that I blog an equal amount as I have over the last year!

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