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Our Own Restaurant Weekend

Our Own Restaurant Weekend

Since we have started our healthy lifestyle kick, Brad and I have severely cut down on the amount of food we eat out at restaurants.  We have been very aware of what we eat which was especially prominent a few weeks back when we stopped in Champps Americana Bar & Grill for a beer and snack.  After looking over the menu we checked out their nutritional info online.  We then closed the menu, paid our tab and came home to cook a healthy home-cooked meal.  The stats on that food are disgusting!  Many of the entrees have more calories and fat in one meal than the average person is suppose to eat in one day!

However, this past weekend was full of delightful restaurant-made dinners!  Brad and I were looking for somewhere to go Friday night and I can’t think of many things better than a nice glass (or two) of wine and a delicious dinner with great company.  We decided to go to Seasons 52 here in King of Prussia because they of their seasonally-inspired menu full of entrees that are naturally lower in calories.  Our dinner was awesome!  I had the Colorado Buffalo Steak which came with fresh broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus and potatoes. Brad had the Wood-Roasted Pork Tendeloin that came with spinach and corn polenta (hold the mushrooms).  Food like this just shows that restaurants can make a delicious meal without all of the unhealthy additives.  If there’s a Seasons 52 near you I completely recommend checking them out.

Colorado Buffalo Steak - Seasons 52

Saturday we stopped by Teresa’s Next Door Bar in Wayne, NJ for Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best Wings in Philly.”  These wings were certainly something else! The wings were served as five oven-roasted, whole jumbo chicken wings flavored with CINNAMON.  Brad actually blogged about these delicious wings on his website.  Teresa’s was a great little place as well with good atmosphere and a huge beer menu.

While this weekend has certainly been unhealthier than the last few, I think we managed to make good choices as to what we were eating and even splurge a little (with great wings!) without going overboard.

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