Philadelphia WordPress Meetup Group

Last night I attended the Philadelphia WordPress Meetup Group that Brad organized.  There was a great turnout for the event and clearly a lot of interest in WordPress in Philadelphia.  There were people from a variety groups ranging from beginners (like myself) to full time developers (like Brad).  I think the group is going to be great.  The people who attended were all very friendly and enthusiastic and I’m sure I will learn a lot from attending in the future!

Being that this was the inaugural meeting there was no set topic.  Brad was interested in finding out what topics people would like to hear about in the future.  The huge turnout for the event forced us to break the group into two smaller groups.  Brad ran the beginners/bloggers group and I took the reigns in the advanced/developers group.  Kind of funny for someone who knows so little about WordPress! :P

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  1. I am pretty impressed at the conversation already going on at the meetup site — seems like you guys have gotten off to a great start.

    Also glad to see that you are now officially a WordPress blogger, April. Careful: can be habit-forming.

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