Tomatoes finally…FINALLY!

Tomatoes finally…FINALLY!

For weeks now everyone has been talking about the abundance of tomatoes in their gardens while I sat here with my lonely non-blossoming tomato plants in their pot.  However, over the past week the appearance of a few little guys has finally emerged!

I knew all my plants had been put through a lot of stress enduring a trip from New Jersey to Pennsylvania and various movements around the yard in search of a sunny location.  Between all of the movement and the extreme heat this June, I was certain my first gardening endeavor was going to be a lost cause.

I have always had an interest in gardening, but wasn’t able to start a traditional garden this year due to our move on June 1st.  I figured the next best thing would be to start a small garden in pots!  This was certainly not as easy as I thought would be.  My plants required a lot more attention than I had anticipated, when the heat and sun were extreme I sometimes had to water a multiple times a day to avoid them from wilting.  I’d lost my cucumbers, loose-leaf lettuce and bambino eggplant by the time June came to an end and I’m shocked (and grateful) my cherry tomatoes have made it this far!  Hopefully I’ll have a nice bounty of cherry tomatoes to brag about by the end of the summer.  :)

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