Santa’s Running Everywhere!

Santa’s Running Everywhere!

This year a friend from the Philadelphia WordPress meetup turned us on to the Running of the Santas that took place this past weekend.  After checking out the website Brad said that we had to check this out.

The Running of the Santas is an annual bar tour.  Everyone dresses up as their own version of Santa and hop from bar to bar eventually ending at Finnigan’s Wake where the “run” takes place promptly at 6pm.  The goal is to raise money for local charities while getting a lot of santas together for one big party.  What started in Philly now takes place all over the country and raises lots of money for various charities.

Basically, the Running of the Santas is a great excuse to get all of your friends together, dress up in you favorite Santa gear and have a fun day out experiencing the Philly bar scene.

While we didn’t participate in this years Running of the Santas, we still had a great time watching the “running” at Finnigan’s Wake.  Brad is already looking for a Santa suit for next year!

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