Work it! 6+ Month Update

Work it! 6+ Month Update

The new year has begun and the gym has been jam packed full of New Year resolution-ers.  It’s the most annoying time of the year to be at the gym.  I even found this funny-but-true article talking about the biggest violators of the unspoken gym etiquette code.  However, the crowd and the cold haven’t deterred Brad and I from keeping up with our lifestyle change.  We have been going strong  and working hard (with the exclusion of a few extra sweets throughout the holiday season).

All of our hard work has really been paying off and I’m proud to announce that I have reached my initial weight loss goal!  As of this week I have lost 25.5 lbs. and met my goal of 145 lbs!  Brad has lost an impressive 40 lbs and is still going!  It has certainly been a lot of work.  I still have no love for working out and Brad has really been missing his buffalo wings.  There have been many days where Brad has literally dragged me to the gym kicking and screaming.

Our lifestyle change has not only involved working out.  We have significantly changed our eating habits as well.  We have really upped the amount of fruit and veggies we eat and limiting our red meat. We’ve also switched over to heart healthy carbs and grains.

I am really proud of all the work we have done and we plan to keep up the good work going into 2011!

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  1. Congrats. You both look amazing! Keep up the great work. I hope to eventually find the will power and circumstances to do something similar.

  2. You guys look *fabulous*! Keep up the good work. ;)

    (Oh, it’s so hard to get started….)

  3. Outstanding! You guys are truly inspiring. Way to go!

  4. Thank you everyone! :)

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